I did want to express how happy we are with Quentin.  The program is fantastic and we cannot speak highly enough about it to others.  Thank you for all that you and the staff do to make the learning experience a positive and rewarding one for the kids.

February 2017

Loved the new online registration. Worked out great for me. Easy and convenient.  Very well put together.  


I thought the registration was super user friendly!   I'm so happy to already have our son registered for summer camp and for fall preschool!  I wanted to take this opportunity to say how wonderful QRCP has been for our son.  We couldn't be happier with the program.  We live in Crystal Lake and I work in Barrington, and people think I'm crazy to drive that far for preschool, but I wouldn't take him anywhere else!  When he started at Quentin road,  he had about a 10 word vocabulary, which worried me extremely.  Now, he talks non stop, with beautiful full sentences, new words everyday and Ms Sarah recently told me he is "one of the biggest talkers in the class".  This filled me heart with such joy.  Your school is so amazing and I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are each and every day that our son gets to be there.  Thank you, to you and all your staff, for all you do for our son.  

January 2017

"We have been very pleased with the help, support and caring attitude demonstrated by the staff at Quentin Road Christian Preschool. Our students have benefited from the positive and collaborative relationship developed between our two schools. It has become a mutually beneficial relationship for the students and staff."

Lake Zurich School Principal

"A child's first experience in a structural learning environment is instrumental to their future feelings toward school. QRCP provides a safe, nurturing environment where all children can grow. Every child thrives in this supportive environment with caring professionals who foster the individual growth of each child."

Kim Boundy
Teacher, Fremont Elementary School

"We truly could not be more pleased with the education, values, and structure provided by QRCP and would highly recommend it to any family."

George Pappas

IL Assistant State's Attorney

"Since safety was my primary concern, Quentin Road Christian Preschool met every qualification for my child. As a Police Chief, safety was a major concern of mine when searching for a preschool. The video monitoring system throughout the school, the ability to review video on request, and the staffed reception desk and sign-in area gave me complete assurance the students and staff are being carefully monitored and protected.

As a parent and a Police Chief I feel secure knowing my son is being well cared for each day he spends at QRCP. I enjoy confidence in knowing that my son is in a safe, secure, clean and healthy environment surrounded by a very caring and competent staff at QRCP."

Jennifer Paulus
Chief of Police, Hawthorn Woods

Dear Molly, and the entire staff at QRCP,

Seven years ago our family moved to Lake Zurich. As a working mom, one of my top priorities was to find quality child care. What I found, far exceeded my expectations. You have always gone above and beyond "the norm". Although we never joined your church, your concern was only that we had a church home, even if that was elsewhere. Your care for our children has encompassed far more than traditional child care.

Alex formed many friendships in before and after school care and summer camp. He genuinely looked up to the high school and college students who organized the sports camps in which he participated. In particular, some of your basketball players were like role models for him. As a mom, that's one of those times when you just count your blessings!

Morgan has enjoyed her time in preschool, kindergarten, before and after school and summer camp. She especially enjoyed horseback riding and the time she was able to spend in the stables. Her graduation scrapbook from kindergarten is something that I will always cherish.

From everyone at the front desk and in the classrooms to John and his crew down in the kitchen, you have all been living examples of what it means to "love your neighbor". Your courtesy, respect, and true concern have been overwhelming. I realize it's not easy but please know - you definitely make a difference. Over the past seven years, there have been certain times when I've said "God is in this place" because of people like you. Thank you seems insignificant, but words cannot express our appreciation. We will miss all of you.

Friends always,


Dear Molly,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a great experience we had with the three teachers who taught our daughter, Madeline, this past year. It will definitely be bitter-sweet to bring our daughter to a new room in the fall. I can't remember a morning that the teacher did not greet us with a cheerful good morning and a warm smile. The assistant teachers offered great energy to the classroom. These women are treasures that QRCP should definitely recognize. For myself, I am just grateful that God has allowed Madeline and I to cross paths with such wonderful women.

C. M.

Dear Molly,

QRCP's curriculum is fantastic! I can't believe how well the class covered each phonetic sound of each letter in one school year. Laura started sounding out words before I ever dreamed of having her try. I know Laura thoroughly enjoyed all of the cooking projects as well. These types of activities make school fun for her-a place she wants to be!

We love, love, love the goats and the train rides! These kinds of things helped make Laura feel at home in her new school.

I love the way my daughter's teachers make a point to speak to me each day she attends school. I feel as though I am totally in touch with what she is doing and how she is progressing.

The office staff is awesome! They are friendly, and efficient. They do whatever they can to support our changing needs.

Keep up the great work QRCP!


Dear Molly,

I can't believe Samuel spent more than two years at QRCP! And its time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and expertise. It really guided us as inexperienced parents during a tough period. You'll always be in our thoughts.


Dear Molly,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for caring for Mandy and Brennen during the last 3 years. I want you to know that we feel truly blessed to have had our children in your school. The loving, caring, Christian atmosphere you have created is just the kind of place we wanted our children to be a part of. I am confident it will carry with them throughout their lives. Our thanks to all the teachers from morning care to preschool to kindergarten to summer school. They have taught our children so much. We have been blessed to know each and every one of them.


Dear Molly,

This is Tina's last scheduled day at QRCP. I want to sincerely thank you and all the staff for the wonderful care and attention you have shown her the past three years. There has never been a day when I've worried about her safety or being in the environment of your school. You have all been consistent role models of Christian values and caring.

Thanks Again,

Dear Molly,

I don't have the words to express my gratitude and thankfulness I feel for your school. The love and encouragement that Michael and Matthew received from their teachers has been overwhelming. The education they received was exceptional and has more than prepared them for 1 st grade. It seemed like all of the staff worked to make our lives a little less stressful. We will keep sending our sons back for the summer program as they don't want to leave their school.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Dear Molly,

Another flawless year has gone by! You never cease to amaze me. Not only is your office run so smoothly, it is done with so many heartwarming smiles! Thanks for all you do. Our children are very blessed to be in your school. The benefits of their nurturing will last a lifetime.


Dear Molly,

We just want to thank you for taking Eric into your program in April. During such a difficult time in our lives, your kindness meant so much. We have never been able to say enough good things to our family, friends, and neighbors about Quentin Road . The values that Eric was taught and the kindness and loving manner in which he was looked after have always stood out in our minds. Everyone we have met has always been so kind with happy, caring attitudes. You can be so proud of your staff. They have always made us feel good by the things they said about Eric. For that we are truly grateful and it makes us so proud of him.


To all the wonderful people at QRCP,

I am writing this to let all of you know how much we appreciate all that you have done. Our first child, Eric, started preschool there several years ago, followed soon by his brother, Michael, and then our last child Sara. It is very sad for us to know that our time at QRCP (6 years) has come to an end. Sara is graduating this Saturday and we know she will face Kindergarten very ready and well-prepared-thanks to all the wonderful teachers that have brought her to this point.

All of the teachers and staff at QRCP have been loving, nurturing, and exceptional on every level of education. We will miss everything about the school but especially the people that have been so wonderful to all the children throughout the years.

Words can't express our gratitude for being fortunate to have been a part of this experience. You should all be proud of the love that all the kids will have to carry with them for the rest of their lives, and for all the wonderful memories they will cherish.


Dear Molly and Staff,

We wanted to send you a short note to tell you how happy we've been with QRCP. Everyone has been very kind and caring to us. The teachers are excellent. We were very impressed with the quality of the curriculum. Both children participated in your swimming classes as well and have made tremendous progress. Thanks!


Dear QRCP Staff,

We have been at QRCP for 4 years. This is our first experience at an American school. We enjoy it so much because of you! You have really helped our family.


Dear Molly,

I just wanted to thank you for being so accommodating with Brian these past couple of months. I can't tell you how much I've appreciated the stability and comfort for Brian during such a chaotic time. You do a wonderful job along with all the fantastic teachers.

Thank you again,

Dear Molly,

My children have attended QRCP for three years. At the time we enrolled, I was hesitant because we had two bad experiences with other day care facilities in the area. The staff was so pleasant and understanding of my situation. I will never forget that day because I was so comfortable and felt like someone other than my family were concerned about the care of my children.

You have wonderful staff at Quentin. The teacher took special attention to my son, who at the time of enrollment, was very teary-eyed and just wasn't convinced about another new day care. His experience with preschool was very positive and the environment the teacher created with the class was one that truly fostered love and understanding for those most tender young years.

I know I could go on and on about the wonderful teachers and assistants but this letter might get a little long. I just wanted you to know that we take with us and truly treasure all the wonderful memories we had at your school. From all the fun in-class activities, the wonderful learning experiences which were taught with fun and enthusiasm, the Christmas Show (wow!) and of course, your summer programs.

You and your staff have worked hard to create such an environment and as a parent I thank you for making the first few years of my children's education something that will be remembered for years to come.


Dear Molly,

Time flies. My daughter has been at QRCP for 3 years. When she was enrolled, she knew little English and had some tough times at first. Fortunately, she met many caring and professional teachers who helped her have a quick and smooth transition to preschool.

For the past academic year, she was in Kindergarten. She enjoyed school very much. We suddenly realized she can read and write. We want to say thank you for your wonderful work. We believe our daughter has laid a solid foundation morally, academically, and socially.

Our daughter has learned to swim by herself from the wonderful swimming lessons.

Today is the last day for our daughter to be a full-time student at Quentin. She will visit her grandparents in China and has promised to keep in touch with her favorite teachers in the Kindergarten.

You have a very fine staff from the front desk in the early morning to the late afternoon teachers. And your program is excellent.

We wish all of you the best!

Y.Y. and W.X.

Dear Molly,

This June will be the last of about ten years that our children have attended QRCP. We have nothing but the best memories of your program. Never once were we skeptical or worried about sending our daughters to your school - we knew they were getting the best care where they would learn as well as be tended to by very caring teachers. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the peace of mind you allowed us throughout the years.

Thank you for offering parents such an incredible place to bring their children and wish you all the best in the future.


Yelp Reviews


This is as best of a preschool as they come!  Both my kids have loved going here.  The facility is AMAZING to say the least.  So many wonderful activities that you can sign your children up for a nominal fee if you so choose such as soccer, horseback riding, tball as well.  They have so many neat things here - the computer lab, the indoor HUGE gym, fenced in outdoor playground, indoor playground with tunnels - you name it.  Never seen another school like it in the area.

The teachers and staff are amazing.  The security is fantastic.  They do have cameras in each classroom that you can watch in the front office room.

Price is very very reasonable and affordable for daycare in the area.

Highly highly highly recommend!

This church has an amazing and wonderful preschool that fills quickly. This is a preschool with an academic based curriculum! We had many recommendations for this school and our child just loves going there. He started early and was not potty trained and they still accepted him. They have a large number of fantastic play areas inside and out as well as horseback riding, swimming and sports classes for the preschoolers! The preschool teachers are perfect and very appropriate and kind. Our child has made some good friends there and he stays for a nice nutritious lunch. The schedule is extremely flexible, you can choose how many hours, how many days a week! And security is strong. I highly recommend this school. My older children went to a different preschool that is further and I was concerned about finding one that I liked as much a little closer.

This place and these people are the most wonderful you will ever meet!! This is the BEST Pre-School in Illinois! Our 3 kids went through it and we could not more highly recommend them. The facility is large and accommodating, the tuition is competitive, they offer outstanding school and summer programs and, maybe most importantly, have people who live out what you would hope Christians should look and act like. They treated our children and family in an amazing and wonderful way, and we feel grateful to them for all they did for our family.