kids in classroomAges 3-5

Our PRESCHOOL ONLY program is available from 9:00-11:30. The children have a 2.5 hour phonics based preschool class each morning and a variety of play activities throughout the day. A morning snack is provided. See the typical daily schedule below for an outline of our preschool program:

Open 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.


• Tues./ Thurs. for 3yrs. - Young 4yrs
• Mon/Wed/Fri. for Pre-Kindergarten


We are an accredited preschool using a phonics based curriculum created by "Accelerated Christian Education" that introduces a new letter of the alphabet each week. Along with each letter, the children will learn about an animal that begins with that sound. Through music, stories, crafts, games, Bible stories, character traits and baking the children will learn the sounds each of the letters make and develop a curiosity for learning more. They will also learn numbers, colors, shapes, self help skills, gross and fine motor skills, tracing, coloring, cutting, classroom etiquette, calendar details, opposites, socialization, and manners. The children will have an opportunity to visit our playgrounds, gymnasiums, inflatables, and indoor playland for exercise and to develop coordination. Our goal is to make school a fun environment in which children are able to learn age appropriate skills, and work well with others.

Typical Daily Schedule

  • 9:00 - 11:30 Class Time
    • Review Concepts from previous week
    • Introduction to new letter (animal)
    • Pledge of Allegiance to American Flag
    • Monthly Song
    • Calendar Activities
    • Phonetic Animal song with character building story
    • Puppet show
    • Playground time/Train ride on Quentin Road Express
    • Baking projects
    • Gym time/Playland/Rock Climbing Wall
    • Music time
    • Math/Science
    • Crafts
    • Computer Lab
    • Worksheets
    • Snack (varies)
    • Bible Story and Song
    • Inflatables

Curriculum Guides


Enrollment Application for NEW Students  (includes activities and field trips)

Re-enrollment for RETURNING and CURRENT students  (incl. activities & field trips)

Application for Activities, Field Trips and Drop In Days  (for children who have already paid a fall  registration fee)

Fall Program FAQs