Horseback Riding Lessons - Hosted by Bonnie Breen of Rocking B Bar Farm in Newark, IL.

Riders will learn how to groom, mount/dismount, sit and balance in a western saddle, use reins to direct, walk, and "whoa".  They will also learn basic riding techniques (walking, jogging, and balancing), bathing, feeding, and care of the horses.  Lessons are 30 minutes.

  Required checklist for Horseback Riding:

  • An equestrian riding helmet (bike helmets are not acceptable)
  • Riding boots  (any other shoe will not be accepted)
  • Riders who don't have the proper riding shoes and helmet WILL NOT be allowed to ride and no refund will be given.

If the weather is unsuitable and we must cancel the lesson, we will notify you and try to reschedule for another time, but there is no guarantee.  If we are not able to reschedule your lesson, you will not be charged.  We do not determine weather cancellations until right before camp begins.  Absentees are not eligible for refunds or make-up lessons.

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